Una Lux





“Do you believe the souls of your loved ones live in the air that you breathe?” – Una Lux, “Simon”

Living somewhere between VespertineDummy, and Dark Side of The Moon is NYC-based four-piece Una Lux.  Do the artists behind these iconic albums need to be identified in order to evoke the feelings their music creates?  Probably not, as the tone of each of these classic records is individual enough—just like the music of Una Lux, arriving with a sound that speaks for itself and possibly you as well.

Una Lux vocalist Kelso Norris embodies this individuality with an unforgettably clarion voice that is defined by the dark and painful underseams of a domestically tumultuous childhood.  Without going into detail, it’s a personal reality that Norrisputs to use in her art and one which Una Lux drummer Jake St. John and guitarist Matteo Liberatore picked up on immediately when they first started making music with her in 2010.

It was at that time that St. John and Liberatore (Una Lux was rounded out by Chris Connors on synths and guitars in 2013) discovered that the themes they had been exploring in their compositions were destined to be brought to life by Norris’s voice—clear and prismatic like a diamond, and seemingly complacent with its power and simplicity, it’s a voice that nonetheless reveals over time a secret, seething world underneath.

Combining Norris’s vocal qualities with a potent and purposeful electro-acoustic style that’s very at home in 2014—heavy synths, pounding drums, and soaring melodies—Una Lux still sounds nothing like its contemporaries.  This can be heard for the first time when what the band calls the “slippery gravity” of the first Una Lux single “Simon,” is released onAugust 26th.

The sound of “Simon” is rare: beautiful but troubled, futuristic but immediate, mysterious but universal.  It is music that awakens and gives a voice to something deep inside us that was always there, unspoken for. The track will be followed by its official music video, and Una Lux is also now finishing its debut EP with a release date to be announced soon.

Intimate and yearning, this first group of Una Lux songs are being brought to the surface by producer Nick Sansano (Sonic YouthPublic EnemyLe Tigre), who began working with the band in 2013 after recognizing their idiosyncratic style and ability to translate the human condition into something timeless.  Future fans can experience this for themselves when the debut Una Lux single “Simon” arrives on August 26th.